Caffitaly System

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    Ecaffè for Caffitaly mixed box

    Ecaffè coffee capsules, select your flavour and create your Box, adding capsules in multiple of 10
    Sleeves with 10 capsules (The box can contain from 50 to 80 capsules)
    • 10 Ecaffè capsules each sleeve
    • Create your own Box
    • 8g grinded natural coffee per capsule
    • No sugar or flavourings added
    • The capsules are compatible with Caffitaly System coffee machines
    click the capsule images on the left to add to the box, 5 to 8 sleeves in a box to check out

  • Add to cartView DetailsTrend S04 Caffitaly

    Caffitaly Trend

    ฿ 5,600.00
    Trend is the entry level coffee capsule machine produced by Caffitaly. The Trend is fully automatic with three button for Espresso, Long and Filtered coffee, each coffee setting can be pre set according to the preferred quantity. Features automatic ejection of the used capsules in the apposite container and automatic de-scale functionality

  • Add to cartView DetailsCaffitaly S22

    Caffitaly Bianca S 22

    ฿ 10,300.00
    Caffitaly Bianca S22, One Touch Cappuccino... is a fully automatic coffee machine complete with milk frother, with the press of a button it will make a superb cappuccino, latte macchiato or any latte drink, hot chocolate and tea. Outstanding ease of use thanks to the removable tank to allow milk storage in the fridge and the two adjustments of the cup rest, cleaning with the automatic rinse system, the descaling advice will be automatically displayed.

  • Add to cartView DetailsCaffitaly S08 - Venus

    Caffitaly Venus S 08

    ฿ 5,600.00
    A pleasant design and the ease of use are the two features that make the new Venus S08 a coffee machine suitable for all environments. Thanks to the automatic selection of beverages Venus allows you to prepare with one-touch always perfect coffee and delicious hot drinks

  • Add to cartView DetailsEcaffe' Corposo for Caffitaly

    Ecaffe’ Corposo (50 Pcs)

    ฿ 1,125.00
    E’caffe Corposo is a natural, strong Espresso composed of asian and western african Robusta beans with Arabica quality been added to enhance its flavor. More than 50% robusta beans in the mix make this blend suitable for Ristretto

  • Add to cartView DetailsEcafe' Vigoroso

    Ecaffe’ Vigoroso (50 Pcs)

    ฿ 1,125.00
    Ideal for Espresso, Vigoroso has a strong taste and full body with notes of bitter cocoa and dark chocolate. Each capsule containing 8 grams of 100% Robusta Coffee

  • Add to cartView DetailsEcaffe' Armonioso for Caffitaly

    Ecaffe’ Armonioso (50 Pcs)

    ฿ 1,150.00
    Ecaffe' Armonioso is a medium strong blend of light roasted arabica beans with about 20% Robusta Beans, this blend is composed entirely from beans certified under the international Fairtrade Standards

  • Add to cartView DetailsEcaffe' Delicato for Caffitaly

    Ecaffe’ Delicato (50 Pcs)

    ฿ 1,150.00
    E’caffe Delicato is a decaffeinated espresso with a velvet flavour and a agreeable aromatic scent. The intense Arabica aroma is kept unchanged by the decaff-process. Ideal to drink as an espresso or short cafe crema.