Coffee Capsules

On the market there are many standard for espresso capsules and pods. Here at Nerocoffee we sell several brands of coffee capsules to be used in coffee makers by Caffitaly System, one of the most popular and well known systems available in Thailand.Caffitaly Coffee Machines

All the capsules we sell are produced to brew at home a perfect espresso. Nevertheless by using the coffee machine with the appropriate settings all coffee beverage will also be delicious. Americano, filtered coffee,  latte beverages and cappuccino too are quickly prepared all without efforts.

For a real Italian espresso experience we invite to try a stronger blend comprising Arabica and Robusta. Also make sure that the coffee is served in a small cup, in accordance with the tradition and century old recipe for the Espresso still used today: 7g of coffee in 25 ml of water and a time of 25 seconds for the extraction of coffee.

Caffitaly SystemThe Italian coffee maker producer teamed up with some of the best coffee roaster to offer a wide range coffee capsules.

Nespresso Compatible Capsules are available in Thailand trough Lazada