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Trend is the entry level coffee capsule machine produced by Caffitaly an Italian company that designed a range of coffee maker and an innovative capsule, leaving nothing to chance. With two innovative filters, designed specially to enhance the extraction of espresso, each capsule is sealed to preserve longer the coffee aroma. The Trend is fully automatic with three button for Espresso, Long and Filtered coffee. Feature automatic ejection of the used capsules in the apposite container.


Trend by Caffitaly

Main Features

– Unique Dual Pressuare System for Espresso, Coffee & Tea

– 3 programmable buttons for automatic beverage dispensing

– Professional prebrewing system for real italian espresso taste

– Separate colorkits available for replacement of the front colors (model in stock: Full Red)

Price List: Thb 5,600

Product Details

  • Color: Full Red
  • Power supply: 220-240 V. 50/60 Hz, 950 W
  • Securitysystem: Thermofuse
  • Heating Capacity: 950 W
  • Pump: 15 bar, 48 W
  • Power consumption: At Operation 21 W/h, during standby about 1.1 W/h
  • During heating phase about 5.2A
  • Coffeedispenser: Not Adjustable
  • Dimensions – H x W x D: 320 X 170 X 260 mm
  • Weight: ca. 4 kg
  • Capacity Watertank: 1.2 l
  • Capacity Boiler: 10 cm3
  • 1st heating delay: less than 1 minute (with water temp. at 10 degree celsius 70 seconds)
  • Capsule ejection: automatic
  • Capsule bin: for 10 capsules
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Thb 5600
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Additional information

Weight 3.9 kg
Dimensions 260 × 170 × 296 mm


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